Activities & Objectives

The Teneriffe Progress Association (TPA) undertakes a range of activities within our objectives of :

  • protect and preserve the character, amenity and streetscape
  • promote proper town planning
  • advocate for the community and
  • support and assist community organisations.

These include:

  • Ongoing monitoring and responding to development applications in and around Teneriffe to ensure town planning reflects community expectations and needs
  • Advocacy on key liveability and amenity issues in Teneriffe impacting on our suburb’s character, amenity and streetscape
  • Involvement in community events such as Teneriffe Festival; Clean Up Australia Day; Anzac Day etc, and
  • Engagement with community through open day BBQs


  • Community representation on development proposals resulting in positive win-win outcomes (Mar 2011 to date)
  • Widespread engagement and listening to Teneriffe community concerns (Mar 2011 to date)
  • Community representation and participation in Anzac Day dawn service; Brisbane Open House; Neighbour Day
  • Clean Up Australia Day (Mar 2011 to date)
  • Launched and promoted “Verge Gardens” across Teneriffe with 3 ongoing sites (August 2012)
  • Development of the Movement Strategy for Teneriffe and publication of the “Top Ten” traffic and pedestrian priorities (May 2013)
  • Reduction of Traffic speed limit for Florence Street (Feb 2016)
  • Improvements to street lighting along Vernon Terrace (May 2016)
  • Public resistance to, and final removal of, the MacTaggarts Fence closing off pedestrian access to the river (July 2017)
  • Support for a permanent speed warning for Macquarie Street (Sept 2017)
  • Creation of Teneriffe & Newstead Industry Guided Walk (March 2018), with plans for more to come
  • Formal identification and recorded preservation of a number of pedestrian paths, walkways and access paths across Teneriffe (April 2018)
  • Secured BCC endorsement for litter infrastructure upgrade across Teneriffe (June 2019)
  • Support for trial of “pets on ferries” (Oct 2019)
  • We will continue to uphold our charter and constructively raise public awareness of issues of local importance and significance
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